What increases my chances of developing gestational diabetes?

You may have a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes if you: Have had gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies Have a family history of diabetes Are obese when you become pregnant Have high blood pressure or other medical complications Have given birth to a large (greater than 5kg ) baby before Have given birth to... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy: The first 270 days

I realized I was pregnant exactly 3 months after my wedding, it came as a surprise but I've never regretted being a wife and a mother because I have the best husband, family, friends and colleagues around me. I had a fantastic pregnancy, feeding very well,consuming the right portion of meals. I developed a great... Continue Reading →

What if I​ can’t breastfeed?

For whatever reasons you can't breastfeed; be it health, intense discomfort, or unremitting frustration, did you know you can find help from a lactating educator? Sometimes babies just don't breastfeed. And sometimes mums just can't take another day struggling to try. Don't give up. In case you find yourself in such a position the first... Continue Reading →

FAQs on breastfeeding

Here are some answers to a few common questions breastfeeding mothers ask: Q: I’m currently pregnant, is there anything I can do to prepare myself for breastfeeding? A: Your body begins to pr… Source: FAQs on breastfeeding

Guest writerHow Breastfeeding Works

Successful breastfeeding requires an unbroken connection between baby, breast and brain. The suckling action of a baby (or expressing by pump/hand) stimulates the breast, and this in turn sends sig… Source: How Breastfeeding Works

Postpartum depression

Postpartum depression is a serious mental health condition. Caren Achieng experienced this condition and she has taken her experience and used it to become an advocate for new mums who are struggling with depression. Mumsworld conducted this interview with her: Hi Caren. Thank you for spending some time with Mumsworld today. Please take a moment... Continue Reading →

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