What increases my chances of developing gestational diabetes?

You may have a greater risk of developing gestational diabetes if you: Have had gestational diabetes in previous pregnancies Have a family history of diabetes Are obese when you become pregnant Have high blood pressure or other medical complications Have given birth to a large (greater than 5kg ) baby before Have given birth to... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy: The first 270 days

I realized I was pregnant exactly 3 months after my wedding, it came as a surprise but I've never regretted being a wife and a mother because I have the best husband, family, friends and colleagues around me. I had a fantastic pregnancy, feeding very well,consuming the right portion of meals. I developed a great... Continue Reading →

What if I​ can’t breastfeed?

For whatever reasons you can't breastfeed; be it health, intense discomfort, or unremitting frustration, did you know you can find help from a lactating educator? Sometimes babies just don't breastfeed. And sometimes mums just can't take another day struggling to try. Don't give up. In case you find yourself in such a position the first... Continue Reading →

FAQs on breastfeeding

Here are some answers to a few common questions breastfeeding mothers ask: Q: I’m currently pregnant, is there anything I can do to prepare myself for breastfeeding? A: Your body begins to pr… Source: FAQs on breastfeeding

Guest writerHow Breastfeeding Works

Successful breastfeeding requires an unbroken connection between baby, breast and brain. The suckling action of a baby (or expressing by pump/hand) stimulates the breast, and this in turn sends sig… Source: How Breastfeeding Works

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